Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Boys

Here are a few pictures of the boys I nanny. I like them. A lot. :)

Asher is the baby. He is almost 2 months.

Maxwell (also in the first picture with me) is 3 years old and very imaginative. He does not like to sit still.

And Caden, ---->
is five years old. I have to pick him up from school every day, and some days I have to take him. He really is such an adorable five year old. He is also totally and completely in love with Asher, and he will try to hold/slash touch Asher whenever possible. He was also the one who wanted to take all the pictures... he probably took some of these.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Can't Go A Minute Without Your Love

Okay, okay, OKAY! I know... a few weeks ago I said I would post something soon, and I know you must be holding your breath to read something new about my life, but I have been busy. really.

So I will settle down now in my room alone, with some music playing, and the whole night ahead of me to write. I will tell you about every aspect of my life... or I will try. ;)

As most of you know, I started school about 3 weeks ago. It has gone splendidly well. I mean, it's school. I can't say it's my greatest joy, but hey I didn't dislocated my jaw yet this year. So I really can't complain.

is going so well :) It can be super tiring, but I love it! I love watching the imagination of Maxwell, the three year old, working hard. He makes me laugh with all the crazy things he comes up with. I wish I had that imagination. I love how dramatic Caden, the five year old, can be. He will come home from school and say, "miss Christina, I had a hard day at school today." I, of course, try to respond in a loving and understanding way even when I want to laugh, because hard for a five year old means not having the cool sticker that another kid has. I love cuddling with Asher, the one month old. He just started smiling, and when he smiles, I smile. He's a fussy baby (especially when he is not being held) but that just means I get to cuddle with him some more :)

I can't say that I am the perfect nanny, but I am pretty close to being one ;) They told their mom that they wanted me to live with them. So that's a good sign, right?

Some of the things we do together are:
  • riding bikes
  • going to the park
  • doing puzzles
  • playing candy land
  • building with blocks
  • be some "reader" superheros with our wonderful imaginations
  • eat food
We have lots of fun, and they always manage to tire me out! I've been sleeping so well. ha.

Every time that I go over to their house to play some more, I realize how God just seemed to have this job for me. I am reminded every day how GREAT God really is.

I have some great friends. So thank you to all who help me out with that :)

I love my roommate. She really has been a blessing to me. She listens to me, laughs at me, and most the time we just have a good time. We eat together, clean together, and do homework together. (It's kind of ironic, because right now I am listening to a song called together... weird) But she has been a really great roommate.

Random stuffs:
It's been crazy living on my own. I like it. for the most part. I am always thankful to be busy, because then I don't have to think about how I miss my family. The nice thing is that both myself, and my family in Ecuador seem to be doing a pretty good at adjusting to this new life. I am so happy for them.

Also, recently I've run into an artist whom I really like. She sings mostly covers, but I feel as though she is quite talented (but that's my opinion) her name is Julia Sheer, and you should definitely check her out. :) She's on youtube. Like all the cool people.

Furthermore, at the end of this month, I am having my first visitors! My sister, her husband, and my adorable nephew are comin' to Colorado Springs, folks! I'll be putting Judah in the closet. Aren't I a great Aunt? But this shall be fun, and I will definitely have to post about it so that ya'll know how it goes. I'll definitely have a lot of pictures to show you.

Well I don't think I have that much more to say. Thanks very much for being patient. Also, thanks for actually reading this... those of you who actually do read this.

Trey Jackson:
I am sad to say that I will be ending this post on a little bit of a sadder note, but he deserves it. Today I found out that my friend, Trey, died from leukemia. He actually had just gotten out of the hospital from doing chemo and all that jazz just a couple of weeks ago, and on September 15th early in the evening (yesterday), he passed away in his sleep. I don't know much else, but I do know that I, along with a lot of other people, will be missing him a lot. He was a really good, friendly, loving guy. I know he is in a better place, so I can only be happy for him.

If you could please be praying for his family and friends. Thank you :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New post...

coming soon.

I was hoping to write a detailed post about my life, my new job, and what not today, but I did not have the chance. Hopefully someday soon I will have a chance... I know you are all just dying to read more about myself... (haha ;)