Monday, February 4, 2013


Can I tell you a little secret? I really, really don't like to edit photos. I love getting out there, meeting new people, and being creative... but when it comes to sorting through and editing photos, and posting them online, and getting them on a CD for my clients... (I hope you like run on sentences, because that was a major one) I don't really like it. I actually just dread it for the most part.
 I love the idea of editing photos. I love the thought of getting a cup of coffee and sitting at my computer and editing photos, but when I actually do it, it really isn't all that enjoyable.
Honestly, I hate to admit it. The only reason I edit photos, is because I have to. The only thing that makes me feel better about it, is that I highly doubt there are many people who love every aspect about their job. Most people make it through the tedious times, and the things they dread, because there is an aspect of it that they appreciate (even if it is just the pay check).

You all should tell me one thing you don't like about your job, and one thing you love!

Anyway, that said... I just posted about four shoots on my website. So, go here to check them out!