Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A week ago, my family left. It was tough saying goodbye, and still it's tough to think about those goodbyes. I know I will see them in 4 more months. I know I can talk to them whenever (as soon as they get internet, which I hope is soon!), but it still gets mighty lonely.

It's been a crazy week. Last tuesday (the day my family left) was a very long but good day. I had to wake up at 3:55 that morning to drive my family to the Denver airport. I then rushed home to get a short nap in before going to Elitches. At first I was regretting deciding to go to Elitches, but it actually turned out to be better than staying at home. So I had a fun, friend filled, sunny day at Elitches. It kept my mind off of my family (for the most part), and I really enjoyed it.

Since then, I am not exactly sure what I have been doing. I have done a lot of just preparing to go back to school. Part of the problem is that I am switching schools, and I still have to withdraw from my old school! It's been exhausting to say the least. It's not everyday that a Senior in high school has to withdraw herself from high school... I'm going in tomorrow to try to withdraw myself... and I am starting to wonder if they will let me do that.

Today was an exciting day! I had a trial run at watching the kids that I will be nannying in two weeks! I am so excited now! All three boys seem like such easy kids. It feels like it will be the perfect job for me. No joke.

On the left are several pictures of "my apartment". Enjoy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So, right now I am sitting at the Apple store at the briargate shops, waiting for a very long time hoping that the longer I wait, the more likely they will be able to "fix" my computer. I say "fix" in quotation marks because my computer is not broken, it's actually brand new (as of today). But, I would thoroughly enjoy having all of my pictures, music, documents, etc.. that were on my old computer, be transferred to my new one... and for some reason I couldn't manage to do that on my own. So I wait here.

In further and more interesting news, my family leaves me on Tuesday! I can't really tell you what emotions I feel about it, because I do not know myself. I'm not even sure if I have many emotions concerning their move. Yes, I will be sad that they are leaving, and I'll admit that with them leaving, I think about it every night, and usually shed a tear or two, but another part of me is excited. This is a new adventure. Something I have never done before. I also realize that this is a step towards me growing up. That is just simply crazy. I never thought I would be this "old". You know, in this stage of living on my own. I'm a college student and I am living on my own. Those words are ones that I repeat about every hour, and each time I think it, I think it is just plain crazy.

I remember when I was younger and my siblings would tell me that I would never live on my own, never go to college, and never get married. Well, I now have done two of those things... or I am about to. So in your face siblings ;)

There are really only a couple things that I am worried about, not having a washer and dryer are probably the biggest things (apart from missing my family). I know my brother said it was fine for me to do laundry at his house (that would mean I would get to see him as well, which would be good), but he also lives a good bit away. So, I'll probably switch off between going to my brother's house, and doing laundry at a laundromat.

Yesterday I received an email from the lady whom I will be nannying for, and she had her baby, Asher, about a week ago :) Also, I will be starting work the beginning of September, and I am SO excited. I feel as though I will really, thoroughly, enjoy this job. I love kids, and these kids are especially cute.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure people are starting to look at me weirdly, so I must bid my farewells for now. But I do ask that you pray for me while I start this new journey of mine, and maybe you will be a huge part of it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Free Indeed

So, my entire summer I felt as though I was working a 30 hour a week job... but not getting paid. Okay, in a way I did get paid... but not in the money sense of being paid. You have all read at least one post about me complain about having to do math, and trying to avoid it in. Also, some of you have heard me talk about it in a normal conversation. And there are also a few of you (mostly my immediate family) who have seen me cry, complain, and struggle through this math class. Although some of the time I probably overreacted, it was definitely one of my harder classes. Math is not for me, nor will it ever be. Also, this was a very quick semester, so EVERYTHING is crammed in. I was probably doing close to 30 hours of math a week. By the end of the semester I was even dreaming of math (GROSS), and Math was coming up in EVERY conversation that I ever had (ok, it was left out once in awhile).



I finally have my life back, and it feels SO good. :) I now have four more credits going towards my degree, and I have 2 1/2 weeks left of my summer. I cannot even describe how good it feels to be done. It will just be so nice to wake up in the mornings and not have to rush to do math. I also don't have to miss out on anything anymore because I am no longer in class, and I have no more homework!

I also found out tonight after taking the final (a very easy one at that) that I have a very nice grade in the class :)

I know I should expect to have a good grade, because I am naturally brilliant (ha ha), but there were a couple times where I didn't think I could do it. But I did it and I am done. And I just had to tell you all how wonderful it feels to be done!

In other news, I do start 3 more classes on the 23rd, but for now I will be happy to be done and I will enjoy it!

Thanks for letting me tell you all how glad I am to be done! I'll post a hopefully more interesting post in the near future.