Saturday, August 7, 2010


So, right now I am sitting at the Apple store at the briargate shops, waiting for a very long time hoping that the longer I wait, the more likely they will be able to "fix" my computer. I say "fix" in quotation marks because my computer is not broken, it's actually brand new (as of today). But, I would thoroughly enjoy having all of my pictures, music, documents, etc.. that were on my old computer, be transferred to my new one... and for some reason I couldn't manage to do that on my own. So I wait here.

In further and more interesting news, my family leaves me on Tuesday! I can't really tell you what emotions I feel about it, because I do not know myself. I'm not even sure if I have many emotions concerning their move. Yes, I will be sad that they are leaving, and I'll admit that with them leaving, I think about it every night, and usually shed a tear or two, but another part of me is excited. This is a new adventure. Something I have never done before. I also realize that this is a step towards me growing up. That is just simply crazy. I never thought I would be this "old". You know, in this stage of living on my own. I'm a college student and I am living on my own. Those words are ones that I repeat about every hour, and each time I think it, I think it is just plain crazy.

I remember when I was younger and my siblings would tell me that I would never live on my own, never go to college, and never get married. Well, I now have done two of those things... or I am about to. So in your face siblings ;)

There are really only a couple things that I am worried about, not having a washer and dryer are probably the biggest things (apart from missing my family). I know my brother said it was fine for me to do laundry at his house (that would mean I would get to see him as well, which would be good), but he also lives a good bit away. So, I'll probably switch off between going to my brother's house, and doing laundry at a laundromat.

Yesterday I received an email from the lady whom I will be nannying for, and she had her baby, Asher, about a week ago :) Also, I will be starting work the beginning of September, and I am SO excited. I feel as though I will really, thoroughly, enjoy this job. I love kids, and these kids are especially cute.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure people are starting to look at me weirdly, so I must bid my farewells for now. But I do ask that you pray for me while I start this new journey of mine, and maybe you will be a huge part of it.

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