Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A week ago, my family left. It was tough saying goodbye, and still it's tough to think about those goodbyes. I know I will see them in 4 more months. I know I can talk to them whenever (as soon as they get internet, which I hope is soon!), but it still gets mighty lonely.

It's been a crazy week. Last tuesday (the day my family left) was a very long but good day. I had to wake up at 3:55 that morning to drive my family to the Denver airport. I then rushed home to get a short nap in before going to Elitches. At first I was regretting deciding to go to Elitches, but it actually turned out to be better than staying at home. So I had a fun, friend filled, sunny day at Elitches. It kept my mind off of my family (for the most part), and I really enjoyed it.

Since then, I am not exactly sure what I have been doing. I have done a lot of just preparing to go back to school. Part of the problem is that I am switching schools, and I still have to withdraw from my old school! It's been exhausting to say the least. It's not everyday that a Senior in high school has to withdraw herself from high school... I'm going in tomorrow to try to withdraw myself... and I am starting to wonder if they will let me do that.

Today was an exciting day! I had a trial run at watching the kids that I will be nannying in two weeks! I am so excited now! All three boys seem like such easy kids. It feels like it will be the perfect job for me. No joke.

On the left are several pictures of "my apartment". Enjoy!

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Rach said...

What do you mean your switching schools? I'm glad you like the little boys though!