Friday, November 18, 2011


A couple years ago I took a nutrition class for early childhood education. I really, REALLY enjoyed that class. I also learned a lot! It was very basic, but informative. Since then I've become much more aware about what children are eating.  I love finding new ways of incorporating fruits and vegetables into a meal, and it's even better when the kids enjoy it. My boys love almost any fruit, but when it comes to vegetables they will usually avoid it. (So, if anyone knows of good ways to serve vegetables for kids, let me know! :))

Today I stumbled across an article, and I thought it was a joke. I read the title and I laughed. Out loud. I then looked it up on Google to see how legit it was, and I found many posts on it. Here's one that I found. Supposedly the U.S. Congress considers pizza a vegetable. Well, now I know exactly what I will feed the boys every day of their life. They'll love it! ;)

 Furthermore, I'm not a huge fan of canned foods, because they really add nothing to your diet. Therefore, there must not be much nutrition in tomato sauce.

When I was little I used to make pizza sauce, and my sister would make pizza crust, while my brother prepared cheese. When all was said and done we would take our items to the staff meeting that HCJB had every week and we would sell it to the missionaries so that they could go home, put the sauce and cheese on the pizza, and then bake it. This created a very simple and delicious meal for them. I don't remember making much money, but it's good to know that *I* was adding so much nutrition to their diet. ;)

*This is all my opinion. I didn't research much, so please don't go and take my opinion as completely factual. Not everything on the internet is pure truth. This did make me laugh though :) 


Carmen said...

So one of my roommates is a picky eater and as a joke we have this cook book that is called "Deceptively Delicious" and it shows how you can incorporate veggies into normal dishes and you can't taste it. Ex. Brownies or chocolate cake with avocados or spaghetti sauce with squash and/or carrots... The list goes on!!

P.S. hope you're doing well

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Karin said...

I laughed when I recently learned that pizza is a vegetable, too:)