Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midweek Confessions

And yet another week that I'm linking up with E, Myself, and I. And another week of awesome confessions. You know you love this.

- I know, I'm a day late at posting this... but hey this just adds to my confessions.

- I have consumed coffee almost every day this week. I have never considered myself a coffee drinker, but maybe I am?

- I cleaned my room thoroughly on Monday night. It's already a disaster. And that makes me sad.

- You know what? I've looooved this week. Pretty much only because it has been 70 degrees almost every day this week. Tomorrow's high is 76 degrees, and that means I'll most likely be happy.

- The weather does affect my mood.

- I just bought another bookshelf. Now I have three. I'm trying to figure out how to get them to fit in my room. I was just so tired of not having room to put my school books.

- I just realized that there are at least 3- excuse me- 4 books that were *required* for my classes that I haven't used. I shouldn't have bought them.  :(

- I never read textbooks. The only thing I use textbooks for are to help me with my homework.

- I am really frustrated with one of my teachers. Next week we have an assignment due that is EXACTLY the same as two other assignments that we have already done, and I really didn't like doing them.

- I. can't. stand. busy. work.

So yeah, go check out E's blog!

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