Monday, June 7, 2010

My 'New' Life

Summer has started in one big flurry of activity. I just started my second week of summer and until today I have hardly had any time to breathe.

I've been busy packing (or helping my mom pack), helping my parents accomplish a garage sale, and working on math.
By the end of June/ beginning of July, the majority of our house should be packed, and I should be moved downstairs. The reason for this is because everyone, but myself, is going to be in the Michigan and Illinois area for most of July, and about ten days after they return they will be flying out to Ecuador. Of course, there will be about 6 days when I will be in Chicago and in Michigan so that I too can join in on my grandparents' 50th anniversary celebration. Instead of driving there with my family I will be flying out to spend the weekend with my grandparents, uncles & aunts, and cousins, and a couple days with my sister and my nephew. It's overwhelming when I think about all that has to be done in the next few weeks. Although it's stressful, we are all realizing how very good and gracious God is. Our house is now rented to an older couple who is moving to Colorado from Hawaii. I have a roommate! Our camper has been sold, and there are several people thinking about buying our van. As you can see, everything is falling into place.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been working on math. This is because I am taking College Algebra at PPCC. I made this decision when I found out that my mom would not be here next year to help me with math. I know that once I finish the class I will be glad that I took it during the summer, but right now it is a lot more work than I expected, and I am already counting down the weeks (only 9 more!).

After last week, I have come to the conclusion that this summer is going to fly by!

Anyways, in my previous post I mentioned having an interview for a nanny position. Well I had the interview, and it went extremely well. The family has a Christian background which is what makes me very excited. It would mean that they respect me going to church and bible study, and they would understand that. I also had so much in common with the lady I interviewed with. It turns out that she is the oldest of 6 kids, and I can understand that completely since I am practically in the same position. We also seemed to agree on the same ideas concerning raising kids (not that I have my own kids, but I have thought about how I would raise my children, obviously). We got along really well, and I left the interview feeling pretty confident; especially since she had told me that the girl she interviewed with, just the day before my interview with her, left her with some bad 'vibes'.
Although I felt quite confident when I left, slowly my confidence left me. I figured that she still had one or two more people to interview that I could not be the one she would choose as a nanny. Throughout the weekend I was constantly hoping I would get the job, but I had well prepared myself for not getting the job. I knew that even if I didn't get the job that all would be okay. Although I was very worried that if I didn't get the job, I wouldn't be able to find another job. If I got this job, I knew that all of next year would be set for me, and that would be such a great thing to know!

By the time I got an email from the lady I interviewed with, I had convinced myself that I would not get the job, but that meant when I read the email saying that I would be a perfect fit for the family, and that she wanted to get a schedule set and she wanted me to meet the boys, I was shocked and ecstatic. I was so surprised that I had to read the email through at least 3 times before I felt sure I had the job. Even now I keep checking my email wondering if she had made a mistake.

I was definitely very excited to hear that news!

I now feel like next year is set. I have a job. I have a roommate, and I have a class schedule that fits with my job!

God is good. All the time.


Jase and Rach said...

Yayay. Awesome possum. It's 3:35 in the morning and guess why I'm up? Hint: Your nephew may be involved.

Christina said...

I think I was up at that same time last night, except I didn't have a baby keeping me up. Just my irrational body telling me it wasn't time to sleep, even though it was! Tell Judah I love him and that he should behave. Also tell him to stop growing, because by the time I meet him he'll be so big!

Aaron K. said...

If there had been a "like button" I would have clicked it.