Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Waiting Game

There are a couple of things that have happened to me these past few weeks, and some of them may surprise you if you have not talked to me in a while.

First, I gave Wendy's my two weeks notice. GASP! Yes, shocked and surprised is what I felt when I walked out of Wendy's after telling my manager that I could only work two more weeks. Now, after reading that, I am assuming that you are wondering a few things such as: why did you quit? And do you have another job? I assume this, because the few people I have told have asked the same exact things.

I quit for a few reasons. I have been there almost a year, and I am learning NOTHING new. I really could not use any of my talents and skills while working at Wendy's. I felt as though I would go in and very slowly and tediously my day would pass by while I served customers, cleaned up after customers, and tried to do my best to be kind to my fellow crew members, and try to make my managers happy. I would deal with rude costumers, VERY crude crew members throughout my entire shift, every single tuesday and thursday (also the random days when they would call me in). It was just wearing me down. Wendy's was a great first job, and in the beginning I did learn a lot, but I am more than ready to move on.

Now, to answer the next question. I will admit that I do not have a set job. I have had, and continue to have interviews. My hope is to make it through the summer working for my mom's business and going from one babysitting job to the next. Right now I have for sure about one babysitting job almost every week, and then another job that is usually about twice a month. I also interviewed with a mother last week who has two little ones and will be needing a nanny about once a week throughout the summer for LONG days but some very nice pay :) (I love kids, but the money part is always a bonus). Along with that I will be taking a college math class, and I have heard that it will be keeping me pretty busy because I will be completing it in half the time of a normal semester. So already I will be busy this summer.

I do feel as though I am pretty set for the summer; it's the school year that worries me. As most of you know, I will be living in Colorado Springs alone next year, because the rest of my family is moving to Ecuador. Due to this fact, I NEED to have a job. Right now my best option is the interview that I have coming up in June. This job will be a nanny job, but it would be regular and the perfect amount of hours for me (and more than minimum wage!). The mother who is looking for a nanny will be going to school, and during that time she will need someone to watch her three kids. All three of them are boys. Their ages are 5, 3, and a newborn. It would only be about 13-15 hours a week (I don't think I could handle much more) and I really believe I would enjoy this job immensely. So I am hoping and praying that I do get this job!

Right now I feel that my whole life is a waiting game. I feel like I am waiting for school to end (one more week :)) I am waiting to finish my last 3 shifts at Wendy's. I am waiting to find a stable job. I am waiting to HEAR from the people I have interviewed with. Wait.... Wait... Wait...

Along with this waiting there has been a lot of prayer. I feel as though these past few months I have been, in a sense, begging God on what I should do next. For over a month I prayed about whether I should stay at Wendy's or not. I've prayed to God that I get the jobs I interview for (So far one job I have not gotten, and there are a couple that I don't know whether I have or not). A lot of prayer has been happening in my world, but that is a very good thing. :) Along with that prayer I feel as though I am growing closer to God. And that is the best thing that I could be doing.

So, as I play this waiting game, I will try to live my life in complete joy. It is a very frustrating game to play, but I know that God has a plan for me, and right now I just need to trust in Him.

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Jase and Rach said...

Good post. I hate to tell you this, but even when you're done with highschool you may struggle with life being a waiting game. Even today I felt like it was a waiting game on a small scale--waiting for Judah to stop crying and fall asleep, waiting for Jason to come home--and on a larger scale, waiting to start nursing school, waiting to be a missionary, waiting till I can sleep again. ;) Anyway, the point is, it is so good to learn to be joyful NOW because it will serve you well in the future! Love ya.