Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have decided that is such an intriguing website. There's the 'free' section 'furniture' section, and my favorite: the 'childcare' section.

Not only have a I found SEVERAL jobs off of (thank you 'childcare' section :)) but the other day I found a 32 inch, in good condition, tv for $10 bucks.

This tv is now sitting in my new, recently moved in, room.

I literally could spend hours a day on this site, but you should all know that I am too cool, and too busy being cool to do something like that.

I find it very interesting to look at what people may be giving away, selling, or looking for. I love to find other people's junk and make it my own treasure.

Yes, I'll admit it, my mom was always excited to see a garage sale whenever we were in the U.S., so I guess I was influenced by that.

Craigslist always (or almost always), if you look hard enough, has something for you at a really good deal.

That is why I like Craigslist... just in case ya'll wanted to know that.

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Rach said...

It is awesome! I love Craigslist - most recent purchase: an awesome little play gym for Judah that he LOVES for like $8. Yes.