Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Brd Filled weeks.

So, two Sundays ago, I was privileged enough to pick up a Julie Brdicka from the airport and take her to Summit. I was able to take her to my house for awhile, and take her to my brother's house. This is an exciting thing for me, because in the 10+ years that I have known the Brdickas, they only came to our house once, and that was when we lived in Ecuador.

So, I was able to show Julie around my home, and also catch up and have some good times with her. I will admit that our time together was far too short.
Julie being... Julie

This picture definitely describes our relationship.

Anyways, to continue my story, I will tell you that I found out on Thursday night (late), that Rachel Brdicka and Mrs. Brdicka were coming to Colorado THAT Sunday (three days later), JUST to help my parents pack, and get ready for Ecuador. I was ecstatic. You must understand that the Brdicka and my family have always been very close. We're practically family to each other. So, when we get together, barely once a year, it's always a fun, enjoyable, and crazy time!

This time around, we have all been very busy. Since Mrs. Brdicka only came to Colorado to help us, Mrs. Brdicka and my mom are pretty much go, go, go. Although, Rachel and I have found time to have some fun, as you can see.

We spent a lot of time taking a photo shoot... we definitely stayed up way too late to have this fun.
We're crazy together, and it's ALL good =)

We got some fun pictures.

We also spent a lot of time trying to be creepers. I believe we did a good job. Agreed?

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Rachel said...

CHRISTINA i love you!!!!! :)
miss you tons.