Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Long Summer Days

I feel like my life only became busier after I finished school. I just finished my last day of work for the majority of the summer yesterday... well at least my job of nannying the three little boys I have been nannying. I start my new nanny job a week from tomorrow. Here's a little look into our last few days together... okay, just our second to last day... I am not so great at taking my camera with me :)

We are loving the warmer days.

Asher did not enjoy the  spray park at first. He would not let me go... and he just screamed. 

Although it had to be above 80 out, the boys kept complaining about the cold. 

Finally, Asher decided that it looked fun. The first thing to do is drink it, obviously. 

And squat on it. 

Asher was funny. Every few minutes he would come to me and dry off his hands, and then run right back in to the water. 

I looked over at Max, and caught him preparing to go back into the water. What a funny kid. 

Well I'm off to Washington for the next week! I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures for you when I get back. If I ever finish editing them.

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Karin said...

These are some really great photos! Children playing in water makes for a great setting, I think. I really like your more artsy, inanimate pictures, too!