Monday, July 23, 2012


So I have this fear of spiders. When I was little spiders didn't even phase me, but the older I get the more I realize that spiders are just... gross. They have tiny little bodies, beady little eyes, and spindly legs. The worst part for me is the thought that they might be crawling all over me while I sleep peacefully.

This morning I picked up some towels off of my bedroom floor, and took them to the bathroom and then returned to my room. I sat down, and then saw something scurrying across the floor. Right away I saw that it was a spider. Thankfully it stopped before it escaped, and I was able to squash it, and then flush it down the toilet. Instantly I thought, "maybe that spider came from the towels I just picked up." I went into the bathroom, picked up a towel and started shaking it out. Nothing happened. I picked up the second towel and shook it, and about the time when I started to relax, a little brown thing falls down and lands on the brown carpet that is right outside my bathroom. All I can think is that I HAVE to find that spider and kill it. I lean around the corner carefully and turn on the light for the hallway. I then start tapping the carpet to see if I can get any movement from the spider. Thankfully after hitting the carpet once the spider crawls into the bathroom, and I go find a shoe and squish that little guy and flush him down the toilet. (See, I have to flush them down the toilet so that they have 0 chance of living.) Of course, I have to admit that when the spider moved from the carpet to the tile in the bathroom, I did scream. I screamed like a little girl.

I then realized that those spiders must have come from my towels. So I immediately gather some dirty laundry (those towels included) and take it upstairs to the laundry room. As I fill the washer, I keep hearing some noises. I just figure I'm already freaked out from the spiders, and that my mind is making noises up. These noises continue, and I of course just assume that there is probably a ginormous spider behind me, ready to revenge his other spider friends lives. I turn slowly, and see eyes staring at me from a laundry hamper (one of the hampers that has a lid). The next thing I hear is, "Hi Squistina! You are up!"  and Caiden, the four year old I live with, jumps out of the laundry hamper. He then just starts talking to me, and he had no clue how much he startled me.

And that, my friends, has been my Monday thus far.

Happy Monday to you.

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Karin said...

Hahaha! All of this is quite funny to read:)