Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November- 14 Things

It has been a rough month. I JUST finished a 3 week intensive course. And by just, I mean the deadline to send in the final case study exam is in approximately 51 minutes. Either way, that class was exhausting. It stole my weekends-- and my sleep! Now that I'm done, the most I can do is make myself get up to grab another cookie, and then I lie down again and watch more tv. Seriously, I have NO motivation today or this week. Actually, tomorrow I have a test, and it may be the first test I take without studying for it. Right now I just don't know how to care about it. Due to the fact that it has been such a rough month, I decided I didn't want to miss all the thanking and thankfulness going around on facebook and blogs. So here are 14 things I'm thankful for.

  • Coffee. Oh beautiful, comforting coffee. Seriously, these past few weeks, the only thing keeping me awake is coffee. I still mind waking up in the morning, but it's not so bad when I can drink some hot coffee. 
  • My housemates. They are fantastic don't you know? And three of them are just so adorable. 
  • Grace, and how God just covers us in it. It's aaaahmaaazing. 
  • My mom. She is so strong, intelligent, and loving. She is so great in so many ways, and I am thankful that I can talk to her about almost anything. 
  • My iPhone. This may seem really materialistic, but it is amazing. It has made my life way simpler when it comes to booking shoots, knowing my work schedule, and remembering things. 
  • My jobs. I almost feel like they are fighting over me. I got a call this morning from the FDC asking me if I would consider quitting my other job so that I could work there more. When my other job found out they told me they'd give me a raise. I'm thankful for having these jobs, especially after not really having a job this summer. 
  • My new radio in my car. Again, probably really materialistic, but I don't really like driving, and now that I have a radio that has a CD player, and a super simple way to hook up my iphone, and listen to music, it makes driving so much more enjoyable. 
  • The ability to fly-- not me personally, but that I can get on a plane, and get anywhere within a matter of hours. Although I might be more thankful if I could actually fly... ;) I am SOOOOOO excited to go to Chicago on Monday!! 
  • Internet. With David gone, it has allowed us to communicate via email and we also are able to video chat once in awhile. 
  • Photography. I am still freaked out about these upcoming weddings, but I am also really thankful to see my photography business growing. 
  • My bed. It is always so good to me even when I get up and leave it every morning. 
  • Groupon. I think I have an obsession. Seriously, I buy something off of Groupon almost every week, and then I check the mail almost every day waiting for things to arrive. 
  • Forever 21. I'm starting to think I may have a shopping problem? I don't know, but Forever 21 is fantastic. I also think they are really reasonably priced. Also, their bags have John 3:16 on them. So that's how I justify shopping so much there. And on Sunday I'm driving to Denver with a friend to go shopping there! So stoked. 
  • I am incredibly thankful for the friends that God has put in my life, and the timing has been so amazing. 
Happy mid November, people! 

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Rach said...

Grrrrr iPhone jealousy.

Actually, my phone is just fine...but not quite as awesome.

Can't wait to see you!