Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Days

I'm sitting here, tired, but oh so content. My heart feels full. Just this past Saturday my boyfriend left to go to Germany for almost 6 weeks. That's not too long, but it certainly feels long when you see him almost every day, and the time change is so different you have to work really hard to even communicate through a couple of sentences.

Right now I feel very content, and that will be such a good thing to remember as I know there will be some tough days ahead. Some days I know I will be lonely, sad, and missing David very much. But now I am content, and I am so happy that David has been allowed to go on this journey. I'm so happy that he can get to know his sister and her family even better, and to tour around Germany. I'm so happy he can have this learning experience, and hopefully grow from it.

I too am in a very good place. There are finally changes in my life that I have needed for a very long time. (and no, those changes aren't David leaving, but maybe that is what motivated the change, and pushed me to take the steps that I have taken? -- I honestly don't know what prompted these changes) And for once, I am so ready for those changes. This next month will be full of growth, I'm sure.

I know my heart will ache as I go through this next month without David by my side. I know I will miss him dearly, when I do things without him, and know he would have joined me. I also know he will miss me, but also that he loves me dearly from across the globe.

I just know that right now I need to write this down, so that when I have a bad day, I won't forget how good God has been to us.

All I can say right now is that I am overwhelmed by God's grace. It certainly does flow like a river.

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