Monday, October 8, 2012


I am in awe right now as I see my business grow right before my eyes. I don't really understand it. I've received multiple emails in the past week asking me if I would photograph some very special moments for STRANGERS- these people don't even know me, and they are telling me they love my work. I don't really understand how, or why.

Just this month alone I have three photo shoots; two engagement shoots, and a newborn shoot. Two of the shoots are brand new clients. Coming up in 2013 it looks like I will have at least 3 weddings to shoot at. These people are trusting ME with one of the most important days of their life. The scary thing about weddings is that you can't repeat it if you totally mess up. I keep wondering what I can do if I mess up. What if I totally mess up someone's wedding day?

Because of this reason (and a few others) I am scared to death. I keep wondering if I jumped into this too soon, but then I think about how long I have wanted this. It's just crazy to me that it's actually happening.

This past week I have been praying for wisdom. I've been praying that I am doing the right thing, and that I make smart choices when I decide on what I should spend my money on. I am dipping into my savings to do this, and it's scary. The lens I really want is about $2,500, and although I know it's not the time to buy it, I still have to decide what I should invest in, and what I should wait for.

Thankfully I have finally stopped guilt tripping myself for only taking four classes this semester (and most likely next semester). I was feeling bad about only taking four classes (12 credits), when I knew I could take five or more and get done with school quicker. I eventually decided that it's okay to go through school a bit slower so that I can put more time and effort into this photography thing.

To get back into actively learning about photography, I am hoping to start a 52 week project at the beginning of the year. This way I will make sure to think about, and take a picture each week, which will hopefully get me to study more photography.

Just pray for me as I jump into this. It's scary, and I really don't know if I'm doing the right thing, but I'm trying to trust God, and just see where this will lead me.


Rach said...

Yay for lots of clients! I am so proud of you. I am sure it is intimidating to do this, but you are a great photographer and will impress your clients, I'm sure.

Madi @ Real Passions said...

Hey Christina,

So glad I came across this today, I hope I can offer you some encouragement. Forgive me for the length!

I also have my own business and understand how frightening it can be. However, just in reading your post, I felt very strongly that the work you are receiving are blessings from God. He's done the exact same thing with me recently, and to be honest, I don't quite understand it. I was practically thrust into it (I purchased the business from someone else after first asking them to help me learn web design) but am realizing how much I love it and how much I am learning.

You will make mistakes, but learn from them! I've learned so much in this first year that there is no way I would trade what I learned to have done things perfectly. Something that might help you is to read Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership. Since he's a Christ follower, he really speaks to running a Christ-centered business. And I've already learned some things from the mistakes he made.

As far as taking fewer classes, I can totally relate. After I graduated from CSEC, I wanted to get done with school as quickly as possible, but couldn't afford it. I ended up taking 12 credits every semester and still am (I graduate in May). I am SO thankful that God designed it that way. I was able to be involved in other things because I wasn't consumed by school, and I became closer to God, Luke, and my family because I had more time. I'll have been in college for 3 years (outside of CSEC) by the time I graduate. But I wouldn't trade those years. God has taught me so much and has worked on me in so many ways that I am a completely different person than I was a few years ago.

Your photography is fabulous! Keep shooting, keep trying new things. Embrace this awesome gift that God has given you! I love looking at your photos!

If you want to have a custom logo and/or website, please send a message/email/comment/post my way! I would love to be a part of what you are doing! I know David is studying graphic design, but want to offer anyway!

I'll be praying for you!