Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 2/52

Here's a picture from week two!

We had gone to the middle of the world museum that morning, and were all somewhat tired, and just lounging around that afternoon when my dad comes home from work, and says, "Christina, can you take a family picture?! One of our supporting churches has been asking for one, and I just remembered that I told them we'd get them one by tomorrow."

And that started the craziness. I get very annoyed if people don't put thought into what they wear in photos, and I can't stand it when there are patterns or colors that clash. So, I became bossy and told my whole family that they had to match if I were going to do this. After that ensued a bunch of whining, changing shirts, and yells from upstairs to downstairs about what to wear. Finally we made it outside (even my mom with her sprained ankle) and we started taking a few pictures. I took quite a few pictures, but almost every one, someone is not looking, or is making a funny face.

This picture isn't perfect. But I love it, and I'm already missing my family a lot!

We almost always will take some pictures on this bridge. We've been doing it practically our whole lives. 

Me and my siblings when I was 12
Pretty sure I've posted this on my blog before, but I can't find it, and it never hurts to post again. 

It's so sad to see all the trees that have been cut down, but the upside is that you can see all the lights in the city below at night. 

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