Saturday, December 25, 2010

My White Christmas

Our guide led us through this place. It was pretty neat. We learned a lot about how they keep the turtles reproducing and alive. We got to see little baby turtles! I got to meet super Diego. And I also got to meet solitary George. And I found out why he is solitary... because he is so ugly!
Today was a good day. Once again. I find that it is hard not to have a good day when you are in the Galapagos.
This turtle is our friend. 

As crazy as it may seem, I did have a white Christmas. The beach we went to today had some pretty white sand.

I hope that all of you had a WONDERFUL Christmas full of family and loved ones. I find myself in awe of how Jesus sacrificed himself for us and was born as a human here on Earth. The older I get, the more I realize this.

Merry Christmas, Ya'll! We walked about 2 miles to get to this beach. And 2 miles back... it wasn't even THAT neat. It was BEAUTIFUL. But there wasn't much to do. We went swimming but it was very shallow and there were no waves. 

This beach was SO weird. It was very shallow... and the ground was VERY bumpy. 

This picture, in black and white, shows quite the common plant. It's pretty much a cactus tree that has flowers growing from it. 

Today we weren't as busy as the other days. So I had time to lounge by the pool and listen to music and read a book. 

At a store we went to after dinner, I found this. Attractive, huh?

I love my brother so much. He is so sweet. 


Rach said... looks so amazing. I'm glad you had a good Christmas...we did too! God is good. Did you become an evolutionist yet?

Rachel said...

so amazing. LOVING the pictures....and Jonathan your friend's awesome Ecuadorian smile :) haha. looks like you had an awesome Christmas. Love youuu!