Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bringing in the New Year with Dead Skin

I'm rushed tonight, but here are a couple of pictures from today:

We went downtown today. So many new things! I loved  it! 

A few of us (not me for once!) had to use the restroom. We found this place. They charge 10 cents for going pee, and 15 cents for pooping. We thought it was amusing. There is no privacy here! 

Very neat buildings

This is from the top of the Basilica. Pretty neat. You can see all of Quito from there! 
 Before you scroll down any more, you need to be aware that this next picture may or may not gross you out.

Although I got a wonderful tan for about a day, I am now peeling. Here is one of the results:

That is only a tiny bit of all the peeling that is going on. Gross! 
This is my last post until Saturday... but I will post three posts on Saturday to keep you up to date. My family is off to Papallacta tomorrow! Woo!

Happy New Year! 


Karin said...

Christina, that picture of the building with the blue sky and clouds in the background is stunning!

Karin said...

Oh, also, many of the public restrooms you find here are pay-potties, too, but at least they don't ask you what you will be doing in there - 1 euro flat:)

Christina said...

Karin, thank you :)

Quito is such an old city, but has amazing architecture!

I was glad not to be the one going to the bathroom! ;)

I find that I have more culture shock coming back here than I did when I moved to the U.S.