Saturday, January 1, 2011


Previously, I told you I would catch up for the couple days that I missed.

Thursday we left at around 8:30 for Papallacta. After arriving we rushed off to the hot springs and spent a couple hours there. We returned, had lunch, went on a walk, ate some delicious dinner, played nothing, and went back to the hot springs.

It was a good day. I love the hot springs. So relaxing.

In Quito ready to leave. Mr. Potato Head is strapped to the back! 

Juls, Sara, and I went on a hike, and we decided we wanted to see the dam. Juls hopped the fence...

Later we found that the gate was unlocked. Bahaha.

The dam that Juls wanted to see so badly ;) 

We are such rebels. Seriously. 

Our shadows :) 

These are just from my adventures on Thursday. In a bit I will post a couple more posts for yesterday and  today. 

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