Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Points

I finally feel as though some normalcy has finally hit. Yes, I'd love to be in Ecuador still, but there are many ups to being in Colorado.

  • My best friend is here
  • I have a wonderful job! I actually went back today and worked 7.5 long hours taking care of little ones with fevers. 
  • I get free college, and with that I am gaining knowledge
The whole time I was in Ecuador, I wanted to write about a few of the things that surprised me about being there again, but I never got to it. So I'll do my best to cover it now. 

  • It's so hard to remember to toss toilet paper into the trash rather than the toilet. 
  • One needs to bring TP with them when they go somewhere, because most public bathrooms will not have any. 
  • The traffic is crazy. I always forget about how bad it is until I go back. 
  • People great you with a hug and a kiss whether they know you or not. 
  • People live off of so little. Maids make $15 a day. Wow. I almost make that by the hour. 
  • There is a lot of robbery there. Guards are EVERYWHERE. 
  • The mountains are huge! Even coming from Colorado, I was in awe of how big they seemed. Magnificent. 
  • The malls are all packed. All 7 of the ones in Quito are, at least. 
  • Bread is delicious there (and cheap. about 10- maybe 20 cents for a bun). (actually everything I ate there was delicious!)
  • The tap water is not something you want to drink- even after being back for four days, I have to remind myself that it is okay to drink from the tap water. 
  • You constantly hear alarms going off. 
  • The internet is slow. 
  • There is so much use of public transportation. 
  • You have to yell, "don't run the water" loudly so that it is heard throughout the house so that you can shower with a decent amount of water. 
  • Coca Cola is better there.
  • Fruit is delicious there. so fresh.
  • It's easier to get carsick on road trips. The roads are so curvy. 
I'm sure there are more... I just can't think of them. It's late. I'm tired. 

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Katelyn said...

I miss Poncho so stinkin much. I can't wait to see him again. Oh yeah and I also miss you.