Monday, January 3, 2011


Okay, I know. I missed a day. But I do have several good reasons for that... well at least one good reason for that.

My family (minus my mom) decided to take a spontaneous trip to Shell. Since we got back from papallacta on Saturday, we decided we would leave for Shell on Sunday after church.

It was so spontaneous that we had to pack as soon as we unpacked from papallacta, and we hardly brought any food with us! This meant, that each meal was very unplanned... and somewhat... different. My dad was amazing and managed to find food for all of us from little tiendas (Shell is such a small town that they don't really have a substantial grocery store. There are a bunch of tiendas - which are tiny little stores- that have a couple things you may need, but not everything.) Last night, my dad found some noodles, tomato sauce, and hot dogs. We had spaghetti with hot dogs rather than ground beef.

It was such an awesome trip (which I will tell you about in the post that I need to write for today). I spent pretty much the whole time at the orphanage there.

Here is a little bit of what my day was like yesterday in pictures.

Jonathan in church.

There is a town on the way to Shell that is literally all ice cream. Every store sells these ice cream things. They're good. 


On the Road again

Almost there! 

Micah moo

I know, I owe you one more post, but I have much to say in it, and it's late. So I will post double tomorrow :) Enjoy!

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