Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21

Maxwell makes such a great model! I turned it into a game, and was able to get a few absolutely adorable pictures of him. I was so torn on which one to put up. I chose this one, because it's different. I'm not totally sure how I managed to get the camera to focus on his face and blur out his hand, but I think I like it.

(f:5.6; 1/20s; ISO 800; 55mm)

In other words, Asher is sitting up! I can't believe it!

Can you believe I get paid to watch these little boys grow?!?!


Karin said...

That first picture is so good! Whether on accident or on purpose, it is fantastic that you were able to get such clarity in his face.

Asher is only 6 months and already sitting up!? Andre's not even in a rush to roll over yet:)

Rach said...

Love the pictures!

Katelyn said...

You Christina you are one of the luckiest people in the world. I would love to take care of those cute kids. Oh and good photography btw. 

Kara said...

Are you doing the valentine's day card trick with the first one? Where you take a photo like that, then stick a lolipop through his fist and say, "Happy Valentines Day?" I saw it on another blog.

Lala said...

I love watching little boys grow. girls too--but in Colorado I watched a little boy and now I watch 2. so cute!