Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kindness for a Cat

Today we found a cat in our yard... well my brothers (and sister) did. It was adorable seeing them try to nurture, love, and care for the cat. They found a cardboard box, a little toy, and some milk. Furthermore, they googled what cats should eat, and found some food for the cat.

A couple hours later, the neighbor called over the wall saying that it was her cat. So, the boys bid a bitter-sweet goodbye to the cat whom they had named cuddles, and let him (or her) return to the owner.

Sorry about such a horrible picture... I was messing around with a new lens. Fail.

This one turned out better! :) Cuddles lounging in the grass.

I started messing around with my camera more...plus I love the 'princess stairs' :)


Karin said...

I love that shot you got of Cuddles in the grass! did you shoot it in b&w, or change it afterwards?

With what new lens are you playing around?

That is sweet that your siblings took great of the cat for the short time they had him:)

Have fun with your nephew! (oh, and your sis, too:)

Christina said...

I took it in b&w, although with photoshop nowadays, there's really no need to think about taking a picture in b&w because you can always change it!

When I bought my camera (probably less than a year ago?) it came in a kit. Until recently I've just taken pictures with my 18-55mm lens (I don't really know camera lingo), but since this trip, I've been really interested in getting more pictures with 75-300mm lens. I so wish I had thought about using my other lens at the Galapagos, because then I would have been able to get close up shots of the dolphins and turtles... but I didn't even think about it!

The first picture I took of my brother and the cat I was using my 75-300mm lens and I was manually focusing it.. and he kept moving. I was surprised that the one with the cat turned out so well because I was so far away, but then again I guess that's what the lens is for!