Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26

I am so upset. I left my manual (for my camera) in Ecuador! Right when I really wanted to start using it, too! I have SO much to learn about photography. I have SO much to learn about my camera. After owning it for over half a year, I still do not know much about it. Sigh, I wish I had my manual, but thank goodness for the internet :) Tonight I read something about how to take pictures of fireworks.... too bad I didn't know it a few weeks ago on New Years Eve. 

Anyway, I had no time today. I went to class that started at 8:30, and finally emerged from my jail of books and classes at 5:50. Okay, that was a little bit dramatic...but really, it was a long day. I wasn't sure if I would even manage to snap a picture for ya'll. Eventually I did. It's not great... but I like the background. 

Today, for the first time in months, I visited the Wendy's I used to work at. Apparently, there was a huge turn over after I left, and there were only about 3 people who I still knew. One of the girls working there was the girl that I trained.... and she took my order, and oh man, did I train her well ;)  

(f: 5.6; ISO 400; 18mm)
Okay, I've run in to a little bit of confusion... this may be really dumb.... but if my camera says 1"... is that shutter speed? Or what is that?


Katelyn said...

Awwe right now I am so hungry, and just looking at that frosty makes me even more hungry. I think its a very cool picture. Good job!

Karin said...

Nice picture, Christina!

Luckily, I think we have the same camera (Rebel T1i?), so I looked on mine to see what it is you are asking about. So far the only thing I see that has " " " (yes, I did just quote a quotation mark:) in it is when my shutter speed is set really SLOW, so when it reads " 1"6 " that means the shutter speed is 1.6 seconds long (I believe). Could that be what you're seeing? Atleast on my LCD screen, I see this number in the upper left corner.

From what I've read, you probably don't want to be using a shutter speed that is that low unless you are also using a tripod.

I've never taken good pictures of fireworks before. Did what you read recommend a fast or slow shutter speed?

Michelle said...

I love the background in this picture. I wonder if you could locate a manual online (maybe...?). I'm still learning about my camera, too. It's a little overwhelming, but fun at the same time.