Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27- what a beautiful day.

Today, I was able to spend over two hours outside in the sunshine! Maxwell, Asher, and I decided to go on a walk (Caden was at school). That walk consisted of ending up at the park, then heading over to Caden's school where we watched ducks swim around on a pond, and then we went ice skating on some of the ice (Max loved it. So did Asher... well, he loved his nap :) Later we picked Caden up from school and played on the playground there for awhile, and then we trudged on home. It was beautiful weather here in the Springs.

(f: 29; 1/15; ISO 100)
Today I decided to try my hand at photographing landscape. Thankfully God made a beautiful creation, and I was able to get a decent picture even in the middle of winter :) 


Karin said...

This is a very pretty winter picture! The landscape in the Springs is a great combination of desert-ish and mountains.

That's cool that you take care of a boy named "Caden":)

Rach said...

Wow....this is one of my favorite of your pics so's good!

Michelle said...

Seeing beauty in the ordinary...that's what I love about photgraphy. Beautiful shot. Enjoy the sunshine!

Jessica Lynn ♥ said...

I agree with Rach. This picture is amazing! You should take pictures of Zachary when he is born (newborn pictures)!