Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wishing You Were Here.

Friday was a good day. We road tripped down to the beach. With 2 cars, a trailer, lots of luggage, and 12 people, we were off! We made it there in good time (a little over 5 hours) and then of course went swimming. :)

Pictures follow:

We like taking pictures in the mirror

There was a beautiful sunset on the first night. 

La sister

That's me. 

I was missing my blog friends; this is for you. 

Trying to capture the ocean along with my note. 

People along the beach 


Karin said...

All of these pictures on the beach are so pretty! Are you still exploring shooting in manual mode, or did you use automatic for these shots?

Christina said...

I love the last one!

I think these were all automatic. I felt rushed because the sunset was disappearing quite fast.

Karin said...

I know - you don't want to take chances fooling around in manual when you don't have alot of time.