Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiring Tuesdays

Today was another busy day. As I said last night, Sara was supposed to arrive that night... it didn't actually happen that way. The plane she was on was supposed to land at 10:25 in Quito. Around 10 when  my dad checked on the flight, we found that it was delayed until about 11:15. So we prepared to wait another hour. Throughout that hour, we kept checking to see if they had an actual confirmed time. They didn't, and they actually changed the estimated time to 11:30. Around 11:40 it still didn't say the plane had arrived, but the estimated time was still 11:30. So my dad, Julianna, and I decided to head to the airport, because we wanted to make sure that Sara wouldn't arrive with no one to greet her. Soon after we got to the airport, the time was changed to 12:30... and then to 1:15. We decided to go home. Julianna and I went to bed after we got home and just told my dad to wake us up if he ended up picking her up that night. At 2:45, Juls and I got a nice wake up call, and we joined our dad on the way back to the airport. Apparently, Sara had managed to get a hold of a cell phone, and call my mom, who then told my dad that Sara should be arriving in Quito in about 45 minutes. Sara called from Guayaquil, and told my mom that the plane had circled Quito a few times and the pilot decided to head over to Guayaquil because it was too foggy here in Quito. Finally Sara made it to Quito almost 5 hours later than when she was supposed to, and we made it home around 4 in the morning and crashed.

Today was definitely more pleasant than last night was.

I just realized that I am super tan from the Galapagos. The horrible sunburn I had actually did something other than give me skin cancer. 

I'm almost as dark as Micah! This picture doesn't even do it justice. 

There is a LOT of traffic in Quito. Way too much. I'm glad I don't have to drive here. As it is, I've already almost died! 

Here's a game, guess what I did today :)

It's pretty easy.

Micah was very hesitant at first. When we paid, he even said he wouldn't do it. Later on, he asked me if he could go skating. So we paid for him, and put his cute little skates on. He was definitely clumsy, and he fell a lot. But that didn't keep him from trying! A couple minutes after going around with mom and I on both sides of him, he wanted to try it on his own. Such an independent child. 
Katelyn and I being pros. Of course. 
I'm assuming you guessed correctly... I did go ice skating today. A home school family invited all the homeschoolers to join, so we all decided to go. Even my dad went! (Except he just worked on his sermon and talked to a friend the whole time). 

I also made it to the orphanage today... finally. It's changed a lot since I last went. They are much stricter, but I'm sure it's because they want what is best for the kids. 

Happy Tuesday!

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