Friday, September 30, 2011


We drove to New Mexico today.

(f/3.5; 1/100s; ISO 400; 18 mm)
This pretty much sums up the drive.

Just kidding. That's not true. It actually went very smoothly. We made it here in about 7 hours, and that is with a few stops... one of them being about 45 minutes for lunch and for the boys to get some energy out.

Not bad.

Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S. I tried to edit this picture so that M didn't look so white, buuuuuuut... I couldn't figure out a way to do it ;)

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Karin said...

What a mixture between B and D she is! The red hair - B. The face - D. In my opinion.

Indeed, skin tones are tricky. Have you tried playing around with each individual color to see what affect it has on the picture? Orange is supposed to be for skin tones, but (obviously) you have to be ever so careful with the orange slider:)

I'm glad the trip went well, and can't wait to see/hear about the weekend! Wish we were there, too!