Monday, January 16, 2012

Old Photos

So for all of you who don't know this... I'm home. I've had mixed feelings about it. It's been nice to be back, and it has been nice to see people, but it's been a little lonely. Although I expected to feel lonely, I didn't want to.

I know the loneliness won't last for long. Loneliness usually appears when I don't have much to do, so once I get busy again, things will be good.

I start work tomorrow, and school on Wednesday. I'm actually really excited for this semester. I think it will be a good one. :)

Continuing on,

my grandma sent me some Christmas presents, and I got them today.... my grandma will sometimes choose some interesting presents for us... For example, she's given us toothbrushes, an English textbook, underwear, lipstick in strange colors... etc.... There have been other times when we (I say we as in my siblings) have received some great presents! Ex: Really pretty jewelry, good books, fun games... etc... This year I received a game, some old pictures, and some.... hangers. 50 of them to be exact. I'm sure they will be useful... eventually.

Anyway, she sent me some old pictures, and the family picture is pretty hilarious, if not embarrassing.


7 out of the 8 Shedd children
Oh, and interesting little fact: While I was in Ecuador I did a family photo shoot on the stairs above.
Me at a few months old
I would have scanned these pictures into my computer, but since I have a new hard drive I need to find the cd to connect my computer to my scanner.

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Karin said...

Your grandma sounds like so much fun! These old photos are really fun to see:)

Welcome home! I know you will settle in to life soon, but you'll always miss your family.