Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33- camera strap

This is definitely not the best picture that I've taken, but I am so excited to show you what I made! I found the idea on a blog, and I wanted to try and make it myself! Surprisingly I made it and it turned out quite nicely! This is where I found instructions, and it is SO incredibly easy. :)

(f 4.0; 1/6s; ISO 1600; 35 mm) 
I can now dress up my camera! and the strap isn't itchy around my neck anymore! If you use your camera a lot, I suggest you try this :) Even the most incompetent person at sewing can do it, I mean, I did :)

I was too lazy to take the strap off of my camera, which made it harder to capture a decent picture. But that's okay. I'm allowed to be lazy :) It's a snow day!


Rach said...

I'm proud of you, Miss Crafty Craft!

Karin said...

What a cute idea! I really like the fabric you chose:)