Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46

Today we went to the park. It's been another beautiful day here in Colorado Springs. Asher tried out swinging for the first time, and he was giggling the whole time. (although it doesn't show it in the picture). Caden and Maxwell really only wanted to swing the whole time. It was quite the arm workout for me :)

(Left: f: 5.0; 1/4000; ISO 200; Right: f: 18; 1/160; ISO 200)
I always have trouble taking pictures outside. It's hard to tell how the pictures turn out, which then makes it hard to change up the settings to be the correct settings. I also hate all the shadows...

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Karin said...

Love the action shots!

You know, I have this same challenge. One suggestions I've read (that I often forget to use) is to use the flash, even in daylight, to help eliminate those shadows on the face.