Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 34

Today I really had no inspiration.  I also realized that throughout this year, there will be many days where I have no inspiration. I mean it could last for weeks at a time. Oh well, my hope is that I become a better photographer by the end.

(Left: f: 3.5; 1/80s; ISO: 1600. Right: f: 4.0; 1/80s; ISO 1600) 

Maxwell loves to mop. Definitely his favorite way to help :)


Katelyn said...

Micah LOVEs to mop too! I like that pic of him too. GREAT JOB!

Karin said...

You may actually come up with some really cool and interesting pictures at the very times you're lacking inspiration, so just keep clicking away:)

That's great that Maxwell loves to mop! Keep it fun for him!