Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello Wednesday

I'm doing yet another midweek confessions with e, myself, and i.

- Lately, wednesdays are the only days that get me on my blog.

- Monday I was busy doing something (I don't even remember what) and I couldn't see or hear Asher so I asked Max what Asher was doing, and Max says, "He's asleep!" I go over to see and I find Asher asleep on the stairs. I feel like a bad nanny :( But... in my defense it was like 11 in the morning, and he is rarely tired that early.

- I always laugh so hard when Asher goes to a corner in the house and then I can hear him pushing. I then stop laughing cause then I realize *I* have to be the one to change that dirty diaper.

- I have an extensive to-do list for this week... and yet I sit here writing THIS.

- Maxwell just tried to bribe me today. He said, "if you make cookies with me, then I'll go to focus on the family with you." Like I really want to do either of those. ;)

- I would way rather read than do anything else right now. But I know that's not going to happen.

Happy Wednesday to you :)

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