Monday, October 11, 2010

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

I was talking to my mom today, and she ended up asking me how someone knows if they are a
Christian. I struggled with this question for a little bit. I mean, I KNOW that I am a Christian...
but how would I explain that knowledge to someone else? Especially a non-christian.

How would I explain the fact that I talk to someone I don't see? How do I explain that I depend on someone that I have never met face to face?

I wouldn't say that this is an easy question, because the people who do not have that relationship with Christ just would not comprehend it.

I answered my mom this way: It wouldn't be easy to explain my relationship to someone without the understanding of a relationship with God. In fact, I think it would be nearly impossible. I mean, maybe they would be touched by the emotional aspect. Jesus is my everything. But would they really understand?
Honestly, I feel like for most people who do not know Christ, you would have to argue your faith in a scientific way. You would have to tell them that the bible has never been proved wrong. Furthermore, you would have to tell them that all of the things that were prophesied, happened. Therefore, if no one can prove it wrong, than I am not wrong for believing it, and you may want to start choosing to believe it yourself.

Those are just some simple thoughts that I had on this idea. What actually made me write this was that my ACTUAL relationship with God is so true. Whether you can believe that insanity or not... but I am not insane. So you better believe it.

Anyway, I was reading through my prayer journal... which is actually more like a, God, I am falling apart I need you journal, which I only write in every few months. I ran across a prayer that I wrote down in April, and I realized that God had answered it. He answered it in such a subtle way that I never even noticed it.

That right there is why I am so sure in my relationship with God. :)

It is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in men. It is better to take refuge in Him than in the mightiest king. Psalm 118: 8-9

See, God has come to save me! I will trust and not be afraid, for the Lord is my strength and song; he is my salvation. Isaiah 12:2

God is EXTREMELY good. :)

That's all.

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Julianna said...

It really is a hard question to answer. Even though it's something I'm completely certain of, I don't know if I would be able to truly explain the amazing relationship that God has with His children to people who have never experienced it before. God is SO good. I love it.