Thursday, October 7, 2010

My nephew...

... is so cute. And I forgot that I had some pictures of him that I took JUST last week :) So I am going to let you see some of them. I know. I just made your day.

His shirt says, "Breast fed baby. Stick around for the show."

Look at those big eyes!

What a drool monster!

He wanted to grab the camera so badly.

Do you not agree that he is the cutest thing?

I miss this little guy so much!


Julianna said...

He's so dang cute! I miss him.

Rach said...

1. Um, I am hurt, because you have NEVER posted a blog post solely filled with pictures of ME, calling ME the cutest thing and going on about MY big brown eyes. Babies get all the glory.

2. I miss him too, oh wait, I don't get a chance to because he woke up like 50 BAZILLION TIMES last night. Grrrr. Tired mama.

3. Yeah, he is the cutest thing.

katelyn said...

Oh I miss him soooo much! He is sooo stinkin cute! cant wait till you all visit!