Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh How He Loves

Sometimes I will suddenly be attacked by how much God loves me. All at once this great emotion will hit me, and it will remind me how much I don't deserve God's love, mercy, and grace. It will hit so hard that it will bring tears.

I know I don't deserve God's love. I know I am just a lowly sinner who deserves nothing but to go to hell. But because God has grace, He decided he would let his only son die to save ME. Me. wow. I can't even believe it. Somedays I feel as though I might be able to grasp this idea... but I never actually do.

A couple weeks ago I was thinking about who I would be if I didn't have God in my life... and I came to the conclusion that I would be such a different person. I would have no hope. at all. Honestly, I probably would have a few kids right now. SO weird.

Moving on, today I was stopped at a red light, and for some reason I looked in my rearview mirror at the lady behind me, and I notice that she was crying her heart out. That just broke my heart. Instantly I sent up a prayer asking God to comfort her through whatever it is she may be going through.

Broken hearts break my heart.

That is all that I have to say.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Bask in God's love, because that's what I am going to do!

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