Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks for something.

Dear anyone who reads this,

thank you.

Yep. That's really all I had to say.

But I guess I can tell you how my week is going while I am here. It has been one very drawn out week. And it's only Wednesday. I am a tad bit overwhelmed, and I am trying not to let that get the best of me, because I know I shouldn't be. I also feel like I have a lot to complain about... but I really don't. So instead of complaining, I will tell you what I am so very thankful about.

  • Music. I just like it.
  • My Mom. Not only does she love me enough to edit a paper for me, but she encourages me every single day.
  • My relationship with Jesus. He gets me through the longest of days. Thank you.
  • My readers... albeit there aren't many.
  • My sister, Julianna. Although she may not know it, I am so proud of her. I wish I were as brave as her...
  • My job. I know I talk about it a lot. But it is in my life about 20 hours a week so it is hard not to. My boys make me smile, and they have been teaching me so much, mostly about patience.
  • Good movies that make laugh.
  • TV shows that waste time.
  • Some people in particular who are very special to me. Although they may not know it.
  • My camera. It captures some great memories.
Those are just a few things that I am thankful for. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for a lot more! but these are just things that were most prominent at the moment.

Now tell me, what are YOU thankful for?


Rach said...

I am thankful that today is Jason's weekend and that my in-laws are spending the night!

Julianna said...

Awww. I'm not that brave but thank you. :) You're the one living on your own..I'd say that's pretty brave..

I'm thankful for you too. And I'm thankful for the delicious homemade chocolate oatmeal cookies I had for desert tonight (probably ate like three too many...) And I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday. And I'm thankful that I got a lot of work done today.