Saturday, October 16, 2010


It has been one crazy week. Not only did I have midterms, but I also had a paper I had to finish and a big, crazy, time consuming project. Along with all that school stuff, I also worked more.

I am so blissfully delighted to have this week done and over with. It was not a fun week. I have to admit, this was the first week where I have had a break down since my family left. I would literally wake up and be busy until I crashed around 1 or 2 in the a.m. I am not writing to complain. Not at all. Not many people read my blog, but my sisters do, and blogging is an auspicious way to do it. So THAT is why I am telling you this. Just sayin'

I never thought of midterms to be that big of a deal, but this week was hard. and crazy. I had a midterm in geography, and although it was open book and taken at home, it was definitely my least favorite midterm this year. It had six different parts, and each part got longer. In the end, each section averaged out to be at least an hour long. This is along with the hour and a half of geography homework and actually having to go to class. So, that was fun.

My next midterm was on Thursday night. I happened to actually study for a couple of hours for this midterm, and when I got to class I found out that it was open book. (Yay! :)) Although it was open book and I had studied for it, it still turned out to be quite difficult. Hopefully I got at least a B. That would be absolutely delightful.

My last midterm was today. SO I AM DONE :) This one was NOT open book, and I did not study for it. Yeah, I was kind of over it by the time I got to Friday. I also have a legitimate reason as to why I ended up not studying, because I was going to. I think I did fairly well on this midterm. My guess is that I did better on this one than my other ones.

I also had a project along with all my lovely midterms. Said project was to create a five week meal plan for a toddlers classroom. Along with the nutrition value of one day and the cost per child. Although this may be seem manageable, it ended up being very, VERY time consuming.

Alright, I know. You're tired of hearing about my homework. Work was also crazy this week. Normally I only work Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This week I also worked Wednesday, and instead of just a half day on Friday, I pretty much worked ALL. DAY. LONG. This is why I didn't study, because I thought I would have time in between work and class to study. The reason for working so long on Friday was that, Kate, the lady I work for had strep and the flu and the doctor told her that she couldn't be around the baby, Asher, for 24 hours at the least. So, I was called in early, and then asked to stay until her husband got home. It is so much more stressful watching the kids when the parent is home. Especially when they are sick. I was trying to keep the kids quiet... but as most of you know, kids just aren't quiet. In the morning we ended up going to the park for about an hour to two hours. Thankfully, it was a brilliant, colorful, and very bright day. So we had fun wasting all of our energy running across fields and tumbling down slides.

We also ended up having to go to my high school, CSEC, to hand in my ordering information for my cap and gown. GASP. Yes, I am actually graduating. Crazy, huh? So I ended up hauling the boys to school with me, and you wouldn't believe how many looks we got. I'm pretty sure some of the people there thought I had me some babies, which is just crazy! What high schooler would ever have a baby? Oh wait, there are several students at the high school who actually do have kids...

I really think that that is all that I have to say... for now that is.

Oh! Also, last Sunday I got my senior pictures done. I haven't seen any yet, but I am sure I looked very pulchritudinous. Yes, I just used that word. I don't know if I used it correctly, but I really wanted to use it.


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