Monday, March 21, 2011

Becoming See Through

This is a bit from a post that I wrote last year, but never published. I was talking about false identities, and how we would be better people if we didn't have our own little facade to hide behind. 

I believe that most of us have forgotten that God is constantly with us, and that He does knowunderstand, and see everything that you may do or think. If only we were able to constantly remember that. If only we could constantly be reminded of God's great love, which would remind us that we too love Him. If we were constantly reminded that God is always there, even when no one else is around, we would be different people.

I know that my goal is to remember God's presence all the time, and I believe that with that goal, my relationship with the most wonderful Father, will grow immensely. So with this belief, I beg you to join me.

I want you to start thinking about becoming a person who is literally see through. Become someone who evangelizes through their pure life. Become someone who is NOT hypocritical, and people WILL wonder what made you become such a wonderful person.

It's strange to see how this can relate to my life now. 

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