Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62

I was determined to get myself into a picture today, but it's HARD. First I had to figure out the best settings. Next I had to make sure it focused correctly. THEN, I had to make it to the right spot in time for the picture to take. 

It's really not an easy task. 

I also have problems with the background of this picture, but I love how Asher is looking at me :) So cute. 

(f: 25; 1/50s; ISO 200)
It was beautiful today (65 degrees!), and yet it is supposed to snow and rain tonight. SO SAD.

Also, who likes my new jeans?? The are not holy :)


Aaron K. said...

Your other jeans were Holy! Wow, I would have kept those. Did you carry around a vial of holy water too?

Karin said...

I think you did an AMAZING job with this picture, Christina!

I know that selfies are really hard. I have a very hard time with them. Did you use auto or manual focus?

Great jeans - glad you found some you like!