Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75

There will be no day 75. Well there will be... but I will not be participating on day 75 or day 76. I left my camera at my friends house, and I will not see him until Friday. I did not manage to even take a picture today... and the sad thing is that I took my camera EVERYWHERE with me. It was with me (in my car) on my field trip to Garden of the Gods. It was with me when I went to the storage place. It was with me when I went out to dinner. I even took it over to my friends house hoping to get a picture... but I didn't.

Hopefully on Friday, when I get it back, I will be able to get a picture... I was accepted into the National Honor Society, and they are having a ceremony that I must attend on Friday.

Also, I am officially on Spring Break! No school until the 27? I think... maybe... I will be catching up on homework though.


Katelyn said...

And chillin with mama.

Karin said...

Bummer about your camera, but great about spring break! Have fun this week!

And congrats on the honor society!