Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 152

Well, I may have lied in my previous post. Last night the vet said Poncho had a very slim chance of living... today he is home, and he actually has a pretty good chance of living.

They say that because I didn't get him groomed the whole time I had him his hair was so thick it may have saved him. So yeah, my lack of desire to groom him may have saved his life.

In other news, going from the basement to the top floor is quite a workout for me. Two full flights of stairs... Although I can make it through the day without napping, I can still feel my body physically letting me down.

This is kind of a bummer since we've been moving from the basement to the upstairs these past couple of days. We have to have the basement completely cleaned and everything out of there (other than most of the furniture) because we have renters moving in on Saturday. So, today was a big moving day... and I think tomorrow will be as well. Of course my mom isn't letting me do anything. at all. I get to watch every one do the hard work.

(f/5.0; 1/160s; ISO 1600)
Happy Wednesday!

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Karin said...

That's wonderful news! You knew you were doing (or not doing) something very good all of these months with Poncho, I'm sure:)

Perhaps you know of one or two young men that would be able to come over for a few hours to help your family move everything? I can think of some.