Saturday, June 11, 2011

mononucleosis makes you go crazy.

I really, really enjoy taking pictures. I love getting out of the house, and attempting to capture beauty.

My new lens has made it even more fun! I feel like I have a whole new camera!

My favorite things about it are:

  • The aperture can open nice and wide :) 
  • It's smaller, so it's easier to carry around with me. 
  • If the settings are right, the pictures are SO sharp, and clear. 
Mmm, yes. I love it! 

My favorite little Micah Moo 

Haircut time! 

Johnny loves Poncho

Poncho is now groomed... and is healed after his rattle snake bite 

Boys come in on a regular basis and show me thier muscles... haha. not really. 

Love it! 


Flowers in the park 
Here's a game:
It's called planking. You choose a place to lay flat as a board, and you take a picture. I love being weird :)

Anyway, that's about the most fun I've had all week. I'm going crazy being at home so much, but there's not much I can do about it... since I'm SO tired all of the time. 
I just want mono to go away. 

I finished my first week of my math class! I took the pretest today and I actually got an 85%... that's impressive since I'm bad at math... and I haven't taken math in a year! And, my calculator broke right in the middle of the test. 

That's about the extent of my productiveness today. 


Katelyn said...

I love the planking pictures. I so wanna do that sometime with you guys. :)

Karin said...

So many great ones here! You're doing a great job with your new lens.

I've been seeing some planking picture around. People can balance on some pretty incredible things.