Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 181

Today was a very busy day. I had to be at work by seven a.m. That's a tough thing for me, since I am NOT a morning person.

(f/5.6; 1/160; ISO 100; 18-55mm lens)
 We went to the park before 9 a.m. (impressive, I know.) When we arrived at the park, the sprinklers were on. Therefore, because it was such a warm morning, I told them to go run through them... and that is what we did.
(f/4.5; 1/100; ISO 100; 18mm-55mm lens)
 It was hilarious watching Asher crawl around the field. So cute.
(f/1.8; 1/2500s; ISO 800; 50mm lens)
Then, tonight, I had another babysitting job to head to... and I watched these two cuties. For the first time ever while babysitting, I actually struggled. The baby would not stop crying no matter what I did. Finally, I think he fell asleep out of pure exhaustion. Also, he didn't want to eat at all, but I'm thinking he is just not used to being bottle fed.
(f/2.2; 1/2500s; ISO 800; 50mm lens)
She has gorgeous eyes. Don't you think?

Sigh, after working 12+ hours today, I am so ready to go home and sleep. Hopefully the parents come home soon!

Happy Thursday!

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Karin said...

That's alot of time to be "on" with kiddos.

I really like the last picture. Yes, she has gorgeous eyes, and I like the DOF you got.