Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 165

I love this action packed shot.

(f/1.8; 1/4000s; ISO 200)
I think I'm really starting to understand my camera... the past few weeks I've been mostly just using manual mode... woo!

Also, does anyone have any advice for newborn shots? I've been asked to do a newborn shoot, and I'm not so sure I know what I'm doing.
Or maybe even advice for family photographs? I've been researching some, and all I really get is that it's hard... ahaha.


Karin said...

I found this post to be very interesting:


But really that whole site might be very helpful to you for newborns and family shoots: http://inspiremebaby.com/

I like the action in this picture, too:)

Karin said...

That's pretty cool. I continue to be intimidated by doing such "official" photography. It's good that you're just going to do it and get the experience. You'll do great:)