Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164

My parents bought me a kindle for graduation, and I really, really like it. There are so many great things about it... 1. It's small and easy to carry around with you. 2. It can hold a lot of books! 3. Books are cheaper to buy... and supposedly libraries are about to start loaning books to kindles (which will be so great... and free!) 4. My kindle is registered under my mom's account (my mom has had a kindle for awhile now) and I get all the books that she already bought on my kindle.

So far, since graduation, I have read 4 1/2 books on my kindle... of course it helps that I've been sick. ;)

(f/3.5; 1/50s; ISO 200; 50mm lens)
I think if I had turned it on, it would have added a little bit more character to the picture... but I forgot to do that! Oh well. 


Rach said...

OOoooh, jealous! I kinda want one. Maybe. Someday. When they're cheaper. I guess I need to graduate from something to get one... hmmmm.....

By the way, your pictures are awesome. I look at every post and can totally tell you're getting better. You should come here and do a Judah photoshoot!

Karin said...

That's okay - you can just photograph this subject again:)

I've been wondering about Kindels. Do you miss the feeling of reading an actual book, though?