Sunday, June 5, 2011


June 4 has been a good day... for at least two years in a row. Last year I interviewed for the nanny job that I now have, and enjoy very much. This year I had my open house, and it was very enjoyable (albeit tiring).

I thought I would post some pictures...

Yearbook, senior pictures, diploma, certificate... 

I chose some of my favorite pictures and my mom printed them for me. I had a couple people ask me to do senior pictures for them... woo! I'm excited for the experience. 

My cake. Isn't it gorgeous?

My mom even got balloons... that's a first. ha. 

We had so much food... and now so many leftovers! Yum! 

I love this picture. :) 

Me with la cake. 

Little Madilyn

My sister and Madilyn


Mis amigos

I sent my sister around with my camera... so she took many of the pictures with people in them. 

My wonderful mother, and Shirl Lee. Shirl Lee lived with my family in Ecuador for a few months, but she also took care of Poncho for awhile. 


When Caiden walked in he instantly asked me about my fish. I showed him my fish and he fed it. Later he found the fish food upstairs and dumped it all over the bathroom... boys, I love them :) They find the smallest things to be so entertaining. 

A few people decided to go swimming in our pool

Madilyn was the star of the show

And this is what we were left with. I'm so excited to eat the rest of it :) 

I think the pictures do a pretty good job at explaining yesterday. Since my dad is still in Ecuador we skyped with him through out the party and he was able to say hello to a few people that he knew. 

I think yesterday did tire me out, because all I want to do is lay in bed. I think I have finally accepted that mono will not be going away in a few days, so I'll just have to deal with it and hope that it doesn't last forever. 

Thankfully I feel so much better than I did a week ago. SO MUCH BETTER. 

Today, the family that is renting the basement while my family is here arrived. They seem very nice. They have two kids: a boy who is 1 1/2, and a 3 month old little girl... so I think I will have a new family to babysit for soon! This is nice, especially since I don't have a job this summer. Also, whenever they need me to babysit I'll just walk down to the basement! So easy. :) 

When my family leaves, I'll move back to the basement, and the family in the basement will move upstairs. This family just moved to Colorado Springs and they are working with HCJB (which is the same mission that my family works for). It will be nice to have fellow Christians around. 

On Monday I start my math class... boo! I have to take Statistics.... I'm hoping it is easy, but I doubt it. Maybe because I am not that great at Algebra, I will be able to understand Statistics better? But, this is my last math class for my degree! I would just prefer to take an English class or an Early Childhood Education class instead. It will be good to have something to do this summer since I am not working. It's completely online though... so that may make it hard. This is also the first college class that I have to pay for. It's kind of a pain to graduate from high school ;) 


Karin said...

Wow, so much going on. You're right - June 4th is a great day:) Your party looks like alot of fun - the food de-lish, and your guests look like very interesting people! Especially that very tiny one:) And I hope your fish isn't starving from a lack of food now.

That's great that your new neighbors have the potential to be a great source of encouragement for you, and perhaps even some babysitting. You can move in with us, if you like. I would happily provide you with babysitting jobs for the summer:)

Oh, statistics - I think it is really different from Algebra. Don't be surprised if you actually like it! I didn't mind it, but I wasn't very good at it, either, compared to algebra, which I was decent at. It will be nice to have only one class, though, right?

Rach said...

Love your grad dress...where'd you get it?? You're purdy.

Kristin said...

Okay...ew to every single picture of me on there. Also, I don't know if your comment about the balloons was sarcastic or not, but for some reason I totally expected you to have balloons. Don't know why. Feel free to bring any leftovers over here. We can have a pig out party. :)

Illinois Lori said...

Hi Christina! Mrs. Havens here, from Illinois...not sure if you remember me, I helped your mom and Rachel with the flowers for her wedding a few summers back. Anyway, your mom can fill you in if you don't remember...I just wanted to say "Congratulations and God Bless You!" for your graduation! We received your lovely announcement and invitation in the mail...wish we could have been in CO for the party! Glad you're feeling better, be sure to take EXTRA good care of yourself while the mono runs its don't need any extra problems from it! Wonderful pictures...I have a dear friend who is an excellent photographer; she has a couple of blogs where she shares her work, and she and her friends comment and make suggestions on each other's photos. You can link to her from my blog, if you like...she's Christine Anne.

Congratulations again, and many blessings!
Mrs. H