Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 228

Today I spent the majority of the day getting ready for our garage sale this weekend. (if you're in the springs, then you should definitely stop by!)

(f/4.0; 1/160s; ISO 800; 27 mm) 
We're selling lots of clothes, books, games, furniture, and other household items.

Also, I think I may have sold my camera. Now that I know more of what I want in a camera, I decided an upgrade would be nice. If I do sell my camera, then I'll be able to by the Canon Rebel t3i (I'm pretty sure that's what I want). I really would like the higher ISO, and the hd movie that's on there! (also, it should have a remote that works with it, because mine doesn't... and I think I can do the tethered capture in lightroom with it) But if you have another camera you like, let me know and I'll research it! :)

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Karin said...

I like the composition and lighting in this shot. I hope the garage sale goes well!

How cool that you'll be getting an upgrade! The higher ISO will definitely be useful. I seem to take alot of pictures in lower-light settings, so I use 3200 quite a bit. I also use it alot with the boys so I can get a fast shutter speed, too.

I can't believe there's already and t3i! Things change so quickly. I don't use my hd video capabilities on my t1i nearly as much as I thought I would (although it is extremely convenient to have video capabilities in a DSLR, and I'm really thankful it's there when I need it). The resolution is so high that the file size is gigantic. Perhaps there's a simple way to shrink the file size down, but I don't know of it yet.

I've been really happy with the t1i, and it has been keeping me occupied for a couple of years now. Should I have any money to do this in the next couple of years, though, I think I'd like to upgrade to a mid-level Canon, but I know I need to keep learning the camera that I have before an upgrade is appropriate:)

Surely you will be quite happy with your upgrade, and having a remote has been wonderful!