Sunday, August 7, 2011


Wow... these past few weeks have been crazy. There have been so many different emotions. I know it's because change is about to happen, and that really makes me go crazy. I love change to a certain extent, but when it's a lot of change I usually just get nervous.

Here are the plans for these next two months.

I finish math... this week :) Hallelujah.
My family continues to furiously go through all of the boxes/ all of the junk we own.
We get ready for a garage sale. So. Much. Work.
We sell as much as we can, and then take the rest to goodwill.
We are doing the BIG move the weekend of August 26th.
The family living in the basement moves upstairs while my family moves downstairs. I think we may go crazy during that one.
My brother has the bible bee that weekend. I'm sure he'll be going over and over the 500 verses he had to memorize this summer.
Then, my family heads off to illinois/ michigan area to visit their supporting churches, family, and friends.
I have to stay here during that time, because school starts the 22nd for me :( bummer.
So I'll live in the basement for about two weeks on my own again. Weird.
They come back.
We all live in the basement for another week or so.
Then my family leaves for Ecuador -I'm not even sure if I can handle it. This time feels so much worse than last time because I know now how lonely I can get without them. But it also makes me appreciate them all so much more too.
They plan on leaving around September 18-20 (somewhere in there). They wanted to leave the 17th, but they decided it would be too cruel to leave on my birthday.
I then move in with some friends of mine to help with their kids especially when her husband is deployed.
Yes, it's official. And weird. But it's such an answer to prayer. For the next year I know I'll be living with people I like, and I know I will be busy, and not as lonely.
Me moving in with them had been mentioned a couple of times, and I had prayed about it, but I knew that they had to ask me before I had a roommate, and it had to be a reasonable amount of time so that we could do something about the basement. So I didn't really expect it to happen. Then, out of the blue, they asked if I would move in for a year.
It's so neat how things work out.

Wow, I don't even know what to say. This whole post makes me pretty sad. Mostly just my family leaving. I'm sad, but I'm also really excited to see what God's plans are for me. I'm excited to grow, and learn, and get my degree and certificate.

That's pretty much my life right now. It's crazy, and busy, and full of so many different emotions.

P.S. I'm sorry it's so random, and probably badly written. I really just threw it together in a few minutes. I thought it was time to update ya'll on my life.

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Karin said...

I'm sad thinking about you being left behind by your family again. But I'm also thankful you'll have another family to live with and be a part of for the next year, and your presence and help is going to be invaluable in their lives. God is so good, the way He provided for you and for them:)